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Yatai Night Food Stalls at Fukuoka

Yatai Night Food Stalls at Fukuoka

Today, I am sharing some information and videos on the famous Yatai Night Food Stalls at Fukuoka. This article is super late again. The visit was back in Nov 2019 but only today, I am writing about them. You can…

Nanzoin Temple in Fukuoka

Nanzoin Temple Fukuoka. Amazing Reclining Buddha.

Visiting Nanzoin Temple Fukuoka was a highlight of my trip to Fukuoka back in 2019 (I know, this article is lambast 2 years late !). The Huge Reclining Buddha at Nanzoin Temple It was very very special to see the…

Ichiran Tenjin Nishidori at Fukuoka

Ichiran Tenjin Nishidori Fukuoka

When in Fukuoka, you eat ramen. So I had the one at the industrial place of Ganso Naganamya Ramen shop. And I had one at Shin Shin ramen at the touristy Hakata train station. And of course, I must have…