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Hotel Groove Amazing Views


Just saw on the HOTEL GROOVE Shinjuku Facebook page that today is HOTEL GROOVE Shinjuku’s first year anniversary. Wow. So I just have to write this blog post (as usual, many months late :p). I stayed at the HOTEL GROOVE…

Bakery Cafe Donguri at Odori

Bakery Cafe Donguri at Odori

As we discussed in the last post on staying at ANA Crowne Plaza Sapporo, there are many good food around the area. Besides having a big lunch at Nemuro Hanamaru at Sapporo Station, we also managed to have dinner at…

Hill of the Buddha

Hill of the Buddha : What an Amazing Visit

Visiting the Hill of the Buddha (Japanese: 頭大仏) was one of the highlights of my trip to Hokkaido ! You can drive to this location outside of Sapporo town but for us, as we don’t drive during holidays, we took public…