3D2N at Shangri-La Singapore Staycation : Fun Time !!

Shangri-La Singapore Staycation

I did a Shangri-La Singapore Staycation sometime during the Dec school holidays.

Booking the Shangri-La Singapore Staycation

I booked through my American Express Platinum Card Fine Hotels+Resorts benefits so there were quite a fair bit of benefits that came with it.

Fine Hotels + Resorts complimentary benefits:

  • US $100 Property credit to be used during your stay.
  • Room upgrade upon arrival, when available
  • Noon check-in, when available
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • In-Room Wi-Fi, exclusions apply
  • Guaranteed 4:00 pm late check-out

This was to make use of the yearly American Express $400 Hotel Credit (as part of the American Express Platinum Card). Last year we went to Ritz Carlton (still the best…) and so this year we thought we will do a more family oriented stay at Shangri-La.

Do consider getting the American Express Platinum Card as travel picks up again and hotel stays are back 🙂 Search this blog for many benefits of the American Express Platinum Card.

Apply for American Express Platinum Card

The Garden Wing Room

No Valley Wing for me. Just the standard Garden Wing 🙂

Garden view indeed 🙂

The room was prepared and it came with an extra bed that took up space in front of the sofa. But’s the bed for my son to sleep in 🙂

Or for his puppy dog…

The room is relatively big but looks traditional. Too traditional but I guess this is the Shang experience rather than the W experiences (such as this, this and this) 🙂

The toilet is ok…

And that nice bath tub…

There is a balcony with two nice seats…

With a view of the Swimming Pool…. Which I absolutely adore..

The Shangri-La Swimming Pool

Buds at Shangri-La

Now this is a family staycation. And getting rid of the kids are very important. Ha. To that end, besides the swimming pool, there is the indoor playground inside of the hotel. It is called “Buds at Shangri-La“.

My package does not include free admission so it costs SGD 18 per child for 60 mins

If you have been to as many indoor playgrounds as I do (if you go to Malaysia and is in KL, try this and this), then you know the standard drill inside an indoor playground. Climb here, climb there. Shoot this, shoot that. Yawn but then that’s the point of a Shangri-La Staycation.

But photos for all your long suffering parents 🙂

There is also a smaller part of the indoor playground for the really really young ones…

Ok. Throw them there for an hour while you get your sanity back..

And then it is off to yet another kid part of the hotel. I had no idea that Shangri-La Singapore is so catered to family (and kids)… I think a Shangri-La Staycation is really catering for the kids 🙂

It is called the Splash

Splash at Shangri-La

This time, it is a fun outdoor water playground. No, not a swimming pool. But the water playground where you are going to get so wet…

From the Garden Wing, you can see the whole outdoor playground.

And fun at the Splash, you will, during a Shangri-La Staycation !


With the March 2022 school holidays coming (and Covid getting further and further away from our lives, I hope), a Shangri-La Staycation could be one that you and your family would look forward to.

For me, there is the swimming pool, the Buds, the Splash and the pretty awesome breakfast.

I did enjoyed my stay at the Shangri-La Staycation.

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