Natra Bintan Glamping Resort. Beautiful Crystal Lagoon

Natra Bintan Glamping Resort

We all have been to many Bintan resorts, be it Club Med Bintan or Banyan Tree Bintan. This time, I am going to the Natra Bintan Glamping Resort. As usual, check out my video on this amazingly beautiful resort !

Natra Bintan Glamping Resort

Natra Bintan Glamping Resort
Natra Bintan Glamping Resort

Natra Bintan is A Tribute Portfolio Resort which means it falls under Marriott group. So if you are a Marriott member (such as the Gold member or the Platinum member), you can enjoy even more benefits at this hotel ! You can easily get the Marriott Gold Member with the American Express Platinum Card

Apply for American Express Platinum Card

Check out my previous post (with video !) on the Banyan Tree Bintan Ocean View Infinity Pool.

Natra Bintan Glamping Resort Tents

The special thing about Natra Bintan is that it is not a normal hotel. It is more a Glamping Resort. Every glamping accommodation features king-sized beds, LED TVs, mini-refrigerators, sofa beds, outdoor rainforest showers, free Wi-Fi and most importantly, there is air conditioning.

Natra Bintan Glamping TENTS
Natra Bintan Glamping TENTS

Check out the video on the tent and the outdoor bathroom !

Natra Bintan Crystal Pool

All the activities at the Natra Bintan Glamping Resort, centred around the amazingly beautiful VERY BLUE Crystal Pool. It is so so beautiful.

Natra Bintan Crystal Pool
Natra Bintan Crystal Pool
Natra Bintan Crystal Pool
Natra Bintan Crystal Pool

The activities included Water skiing and Kayaking in glass bottom canoes !

water skiing with style milo…
Glass bottom kayak

There is also a Big Splash Style water slides for your kids with plenty of Floats around…

Big Splash style slides

And there is this “stairway to heaven”. Pretty sure it is only there for Instagram purposes 🙂

To me, it is a little scary.. oh well.. some people will do anything to post on Insta 🙂

Natra Bintan Crystal Pool and stairway to heaven

And oh for those who never got your bike licence in Singapore, you can always break the rules here and get a motorbike to ride on…

Motor bike ride

in real life, she does have a class 2 licence in singapore

It can be pretty romantic to ride the bike in the evening

Riding a bike at Natra bintan during evening

Talking about evening, you can also order a BBQ set for private BBQ session outside your tent !

bbq at natra bintan

Conclusion of my stay at Natra Bintan Glamping Resort

Much more quiet. Much less people than the normal Bintan resorts. It will be great to stay here when you are also a Marriott member (especially at Gold and Platinum level). Else it is a fantastic resort with a difference and you can feel the peace and the comfort associated with a Marriott hotel.

And the Crystal Pool is just too cool…..

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