Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay


Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay is an addition to the many hotels that are having day stay packages. Marriott runs a few hotels in Singapore and we are pretty familiar with the Tang Plaza one where I had the privilege of enjoying their “Work in Style“ work from hotel package recently. Of course there are also the St Regis hotel, JW Marriott, Sentosa W Hotel and the Ritz Carlton hotel.

When using the Marriott Bonvoy to look at day stay availability, I spotted the inclusion of Marriott Vagabond Hotel in the day stay selection. I was generally surprised at the very cheap day stay rate of $117 with taxes included. Remember you need to select Day Use (ZDY) code to find hotels with Day Stay.

Vagabond Club Hotel Singapore

The Vagabond Club hotel is conceptualised by the award-winning French designer Jacques Garcia and is what we will call a “boutique luxury hotel”. The Vagabond Club offers Parisian-inspired accommodation and it showed in the hotel deco. You will not find a Marriott hotel more different from those you are used to. And I had stayed in many many Marriott hotels. Even the W Hotel is less flashy than Vagabond. Ha.

The location is already special. It is located in the Jalan Besar district of Singapore, close to Jalan Sultan area. Upon arriving at the area, you can already see the flashiness of the hotel.

Big or not…..

Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay

Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Location

Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel is located inside a three floors shophouse which I assumed is built in 1950 and for a Chinese clan. Cool.

Vagabond Club belongs to the Tribute Portfolio sub-brand of Marriott. Tribute Portfolio gives Marriott guests access to exceptional independent hotels around the world with the possibility of enjoying the privileges of Marriott Bonvoy. With Tribute Portfolio, independent hotel owners can maintain their hotel’s individuality while leveraging the power of Marriott’s global brand and its hotel support infrastructure to help maximize returns.

You cannot deny this concept works. I would NOT have found this hotel for day stay if it has not appeared in the Marriott Bonvoy app. I would be keen to meet the owner of the Vagabond Club in Singapore 😉

Hotel Lobby and Checking in

One word… Cool.
Another word… Different.

A tree in the lobby. Ya.

An elephant. Beat that.

And finally…… a golden buffalo for check in counter. Flashy or not.

I was given an upgrade, courtesy of the Marriott Bonvoy Elite status.

The Lift taking you up.

The Deluxe Executive Rooms

Brilliant rooms. Super cool. Not as cool as the courtyard ones though.

View from the room 313

There is a desk at the entrance foyer for room 313. Not sure how much you can do in the desk anyway. It does not look very attractive to work in such a nice room.

For another room 310, the bed is the first thing you see and then it will be the desk. Better. Feels bigger too.

In my opinion, room 303 is better

Back to room 313…

The radio is Cooooooool

A view of the courtyard from the room. These are the courtyard rooms, I guess.

A most magnificent bed with so many special photo frames.

The placement of the TV does make it difficult to watch. The TV is also fixed to the wall. At minimum, they should fix it with a TV arm to make it possible and easier to watch from the bed.

Having said that, that is for room 313. In room 310, the TV is just nice. At the foot of the bed. Fantastic.

A well designed cupboard hides all the coffee making machine and also the safe and other miscellaneous stuff. Like bathroom slippers.

The Ensuite

Very nice

This being a small boutique hotel, the facilities are pretty minimal.
There is a small gym OPPOSITE the hotel, on the other side of the road.

Finally one last point…… there is NO PARKING from the hotel. Hence there is no free parking. You will need to park at the roadside or the HDB open air car park nearby. This is quite different from the normal Marriott hotels.

The Courtyard Rooms

The courtyard rooms are on the second floor. Earlier on, when on the third floor, you can see the courtyard. Four rooms shared a single courtyard.

Getting a courtyard room opens your room to a much larger space literally.

The courtyard looks good and feel very comfortable for a working spot. Although I wonder if people smoke here 😉

If you like extreme privacy, then it might not be a good choice as you will be forced to close the curtains to stop anyone in the courtyard from seeing whatever you are doing.


There you go. Another day stay hotel, should you be looking for one to work in or take a break in.

Of course, you should also know it is a normal hotel with overnight stays too. There are quite a few different types of rooms available.

There is even a Suite….

Wonder how it looks

Room Service in Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay

I just noticed this in May 2021. They now have room service for ordering in the hotel. Now, just to be clear, the are around the hotel served great food (including the famous Sungei Road Laksa (and don’t miss the excellent Or Luak store in the same coffee shop).

But oh well, if you have working very hard in the hotel room, some room service might help.

Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay Room Service
Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay Room Service
Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay Room Service
Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay Room Service
Marriott Vagabond Club Hotel Day Stay Room Service
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