How to roll back firmware of EdgeRouter X : Quick and Easy Steps

Frustrated Due to Router Issue

I am a big fan of updating firmware (although I do need to learn how to roll back firmware of EdgeRouter X), software, versions upgrades ba ba ba. I always believed we must have the latest and greatest for each and every of the hardware we are using. So I am very excited to update the firmware of the EdgeRouter X when it was available. I don’t know about you but I believed routers need the latest to protect us ma…

I was running V1.10.11 version fine but when version V2.0 appeared, I was all ready to roll. After all, it was V1 to V2. Must be good, right !?

Nope baby. Immediately after upgrading, I began to experience internet connectivity problems every few days at home. Every few days, I have to walk to the internet cabinet to reset the whole modem and router by switching off and on the power supply. Once that’s done, it works.

Coincidentally, it was also around this time I introduced the FlexHD to the home network. At first, I thought it was due to the FlexHD but after some thinking, I thought it might be the EdgeRouter X.

Moral of Story: Don’t introduce too much changes to something like a home network. The howling at home from frustrated partner and children are scary 🙂

Angry Children at home due to wifi issues

Anyhow, some googling and searching in the excellent Ubiquiti community found this article to be most relevant.

How to roll back firmware of EdgeRouter X

EdgeRouter actually keeps two system images in the router itself. You can check the images available as follow:

show system image
How to roll back firmware of EdgeRouter X

You can see that I have two versions.

Version 2.0.9 which is the default boot and running image.

Version 1.10.11 which is the previous version.

I am so impressed (I know, I know) that the router keeps two version of the firmware. Nice !

 To switch back to 1.10.11, do this:

set system image default-boot

And type “Yes” when asked “Are you sure you want to switch images”.

And the system will replied with the changes

You do need to REBOOT the router after this.

And when I used the app to check, the change is completed. And no, this time I am NOT going to upgrade 🙂

The hardware offloading and IP sec offloading are NOT affected by the firmware changes.

Read about it here:

That’s it. Hope this time, everything works and there is peace at home.

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