Checking the 65,000 songs limit in Sonos Play One

There is a well known “issue” in Sonos that they only support a maximum of 65,000 songs in their library. This is the MUSIC library in the Sonos that you will configure to “store” the metadata (not the actual songs lah) in. This is not the same as RADIO, or even Amazon Music Cloud etc and/or other sources of cloud based music you can access from Sonos.

There are lots of discussions on this in the Sonos Forum: For example:

There was hope that this limit will be gone in the newer generations of Sonos eg the latest Sonos Play One. This is because people believe this was a hardware limitation in the older versions of Sonos and by now (Year 2013), it would have clear to be more than 65,000 songs (who will have thought of more than 65,000 songs 10 years ago !). Unfortunately, I am sad to inform you even in the Play One, the 65,000 limit is there. This is probably due to the need for backward compatibility, something that Sonos is proud of.

So how do you check what is the number of songs you have loaded into Sonos ?

Do this:

First, in Sonos Controller (e.g in iPad), find out what’s the IP address of your Sonos Play One.

For example, here’s mine:
IP address of Sonos Play One Singapore

Then go to this particular URL in your web browser:

Go to http://x.x.x.x:1400/status/tracks_summary (where x.x.x.x is the IP of one of your Sonos Players), and see if either Store Used or Entries Used are approaching their respective Sizes.

I did that and can see that for mine, it is 42,000 songs.. and also take note of the Store usage versus Store Size:

How many songs are stored in my Sonos Singapore

About 15,000 songs more to go 🙂 🙂 Roughly the time I die ? 🙂

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