YAMJ on AC Ryan First Try (Finally)

Finally did a first quick test of YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) on the AC Ryan itself. I played with it quite a bit on the PC but never went to the AC Ryan version. This is because to install AC Ryan, you need to have the latest firmware and yet it is known to be pretty unstable.

Recently, I had (no choice !) but to install (crappy) latest firmware due to an MKV compression issue (most of the latest MKV in town use a method that the old AC Ryan cannot read.. so you need to update to the latest firmware. Nothing to do with AC Ryan. It is just the way MKV files are now being encoded by the great people on the internet.. live with it !).

Anyway, sharing the pictures,.. will play around with it more.. and share any interesting knowledge or findings.

YAMJ on AC Ryan

YAMJ on AC Ryan

Quite nice hor !

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