Using Ninite for Installation of Multiple Programs

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If you do a lot of rebuilding of PCs (like a Helpdesk Technician) or you like to reformat your OS (ha) and need to install your programs or you are just plain lazy (like me), you might want to explore using this web site: Ninite.

Ninite allow you to install and update all your programs at once. The installation part is free but the updating part seemed to cost 9.99 per year. But I don’t use the latter, so it does not matter. It is really very easy and good. Select the programs you wanted, download a single installer that Ninite created for you and you can install all the programs all at once. Really good ! It also make sense in today’s age where many programs that added sneaky ways to make you install crazy addons that you don’t need. When I install any programs, I always slowly choose the NEXT button as there are always very sneaky ways of making you install things you don’t want (sad..). But with ninite, it took away that program.. nothing is added un-necessarily.

Pictures !

Go to their web site. Select the programs you want. Install (it even knows to skip programs that are updated already).

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Done 🙂

Ninite installation

Ninite installation

Ninite Installation

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