Trouble in Synology land again. File System Errors.

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Another day, another Synology issue πŸ™‚ I mean for my Synology server, that is..

But to be fair, this is a pretty old Synology DS1515+ already and has been well used. Every single day. Receiving tons of movies, TV serials and then playing them to multiple TV systems, Amazon TV players etc. Been a nice good friend for a while πŸ™‚

Anyway, this time the issue is “File System Errors were discovered. We recommend running a file system check”.

Was alerted to it when I logged on to the Synology DSM (remotely at that). I do that regularly to check for updates and see if I have enough hard disk space (from the photo below, you can tell i am starting to run out of space again :p).

Saw that there was an error notification. Disk 5 is having problems. Coincidentally, disk 5 is the only Seagate hard disk in an array full of Western Digital RED disks.
Synology File System Error

Going to the Storage Manager, more scary messages πŸ™‚
Synology File System Error

All this time, the Synology was running fine and still serving the wonderful MKV files and RMVB files and MP4 files to my un-suspecting family of Hong Kong TV addicts….

So I took a deep breath and click on the “Run a File System check”. I did not take a screenshot of the next message but basically it told me that it will take a while (something like 15 – 30 mins per TB and I have 10 TB or more ?). And that the system will need to reboot. Now that last part is scary. Scary in that I must inform the whole family that it is time to sleep and no more crazy Hong Kong TVB shows for the night. That is not a nice message to give πŸ™‚

The next day, an even more scary message met me in the morning
Synology File System Error

Okie. This is not fun.. Checking the rest:
Synology File System Error

I have no more choice. Clicking on the REPAIR link and was preparing for a day or two of repair.

Surprise.. it was over in couple of seconds… literally, just click and the next second, everything is back to normal.

Everyone is happy again.
Synology File System Error
Synology File System Error

And I have no clue on what happened πŸ™

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