Roku 3 Adding Channels

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Ouch.. not so easy for Roku to be working in Singapore ..

First stop, the Roku iPhone app is only available in the USA iTunes store so you will need the USA iTunes account. The app is NOT important.. just a nice to have 🙂
Roku 3 Apple iPhone App

Next you need to create an account in Roku web site and then link that to your Roku machine. And when creating the Roku account, you need to supply credit card or Paypal… What the hell.. thank god that when you create the account, at least, they did not check if you are in USA (no VPN needed) and you can even change your address to Singapore and hence make sure all the financial stuff works…. but anyway, i am not planning to buy anything from Roku Store..

Once you created the account, you need to enter the Roku Machine Code to the account to link them.. brilliant trouble… Upon searching the Roku Channel Store on the web (using a browser), I can see apps that I want:

For example, Plex:
Plex Channel for Roku

Synology Video Station Channel:
Synology DS Video Station Roku Channel

And the one that I want to also try, the USB Media player.. supposedly allowing you to olug in your USB drive to your Roku player and enjoy your digital movies, music and photos on your TV. Supports popular file types such as MP4 (H.264), MKV (H.264), MP3, AAC, JPG and PNG…. interesting:
USB Media Player Roku

And then I happily click to add these channels and got an error message. WTF..
Roku Singapore cannot add channel from web

I believe I need a VPN to solve this. Happily, there is no need lah. Just go to the channel store on the Roku itself:
Roku 3 Singapore Adding Channels

Choose the channels you want and just add. Simple. Of course the channels are limited in Singapore due to the geographical restrictions. You are WAY WAY WAY better off having a VPN solution such as Unblock.Us. You can then get channels such as NetFlix etc.
Not important for me at this point as I use Roku 3 as my streaming device for videos on the Synology. Probably one day…

Roku 3 Singapore Adding Channels

Roku 3 Singapore Adding Channels

These are my Channels on Roku:
Channels on ROKU


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  1. So, which channels have no geographical restrictions? I live in Spain and I have the same problem as you, and I don’t want to pay for a US based VPN.
    Thank you!

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