Reading Chinese novels in Sony PRS505

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From the excellent mobileread forum, I found a link to a great web site that are choke full of Chinese PDF files that are very very nicely formatted for e book readers. The author was superb and provided many different sizes of the PDF files that are suitable for different devices. The PDF files are very well done and the Chinese is of the simplified version which made it easy for me. When you go to the web site, you can download the files in different formats. I choose the 6 inches format that I think is the best for Sony PRS 505 and Amazon Kindle.

Great Chinese PDF files web site

How to download Chinese novels

There are many kinds of Chinese pdf files there (Chinese classics such as Journey to the West or San Guo Zhi or Chamber of Red Dreams, China history books, arts etc).

But my most happiest moment was to see a wonderful selecttion of Chinese martial arts novels. I especially love his collection of the novels from Jin Yong. I immediately downloaded all 3 parts of the Condor Trilogy (射雕三部曲).

I read the Condor trilogy many times over the years and watched the TV series in different versions. But I simply love the whole story. Most recently I bought the excellent simplified chinese pocket version that is cheap and very nice and portable).

But it is always nice to read the whole stories again and this time in an ebook format.

The Condor Trilogy Novels on Sony PRS505

For the Sony PRS505, I choose the 6inch format which works really well.
Chinese novels on Sony PRS505

Close Up view of the words on the screen of Sony PSR505

The Legend of the Condor Heroes (射鵰英雄傳)

The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龍記)

Plus also maybe I will finally read the Duke of Mount Deer story (鹿鼎記) too since many people told me it is actually one of Jin Yong’s best. I only watched the TV series but never read the book.

Duke of Mount Deer story (鹿鼎記)

So, do drop by Chinese PDF web site if you have an ebook reader and want to read some Chinese books.


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  1. Not for the files I downloaded from this web site. The files in the above web site are already readable in Chinese. I think that's cause the web master EMBEDDED the Chinese words into the PDF file. So, to Sony, it is just a file. Take note that the menus are still in English…

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