My First iPhone Ebook Purchase

My First iPhone Ebook Purchase

And maybe Apple IS winning the ebook war ? As some of you know, I am a big fan of Sony eBook PRS505 Reader as well as I was hoping to be able to buy a Kindle. But even though I had the former, nowadays I seldom bring it around, leaving it at home for reading. As for the Kindle, oh well, never mind, it never came to Singapore 🙂

So recently Apple launched its own eBook store and an eBook app called “iBook”. I topped up my USA iTunes account (the Singapore based Apple eBook store is sadly lacking..) and then after a day or two of testing it out with sample reading materials, I bought my first eBook from the store.

My First iPhone Ebook Purchase

It is not a new book to me. I have the paper copy, the Sony eBook Reader copy and now the Apple eBook copy. It is an American history book by Paul Johnson known as A History of the American PeopleMy First iPhone Ebook Purchase

I never managed to finish the book beyond a few chapters. When I got my ebook copy for Sony, I moved to maybe 1/4 of the book. I hope I can complete the book this time with the iPhone.

Why ? Cause when I am travelling to work by the subway, I can read now ! Instead of using a Sony eBook reader which might be a bit bigger than necessary, the iPhone is smaller and always with me and since I used it to hear music on the trip to and from work, I can also start reading the ebook 🙂

Also the funny thing is that the screen is small (but highly readable) and because it is small, the page is short. It makes it easier to read on and on as compared to a normal book or Sony eBook reader which has a longer page and you can get distracted easily. I dun know. Just my crap mind and my crap theory.

My First iPhone Ebook Purchase

And so maybe, Amazon is losing the ebook war ? Nay.. comparing the two book stores, Amazon still have a MUCH BETTER collection of books 🙂 But the war has started 🙂

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