Pictures of My Microsoft Arc Mouse

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I got my hands on the latest Microsoft Arc Mouse recently.

I absolutely love it ! It is so nice ! To me it is another very well designed hardware products from Microsoft. Amazing how they keep coming up with such great products (in the hardware space.. :p).

Firstly it comes with a very nice pouch. Mind you, this is not a cheap looking pouch. It feels so smooth and yet the mouse fits into it like a glove. Nice touch by MS !

Microsoft Arc Mouse with Pouch 1

Microsoft Arc Mouse with Pouch 2

Microsoft Arc Mouse with Pouch 3

The USB connector for the mouse is so small and fits into the back of the mouse as there is a magnetic force in the mouse. It is so small and cute and very cool.

Microsoft Arc Mouse with USB Connector 1

Microsoft Arc Mouse with USB Connector 2

Microsoft Arc Mouse with USB Connector 3

Finally the mouse itself can fold into a smaller part and makes it easy to transport around.

Microsoft Arc Mouse Folding 1

Microsoft Arc Mouse Folding 2

Microsoft Arc Mouse Folding 3

I think this is a very lovely mouse and it is another quality product by MS Hardware group !

Don’t you think it looks very good with my Pink Dell Laptop 🙂

Microsoft Arc Mouse with my PINK DELL Laptop

Go get it at your favourite Microsoft hardware store now !

Great as a Xmas gift too 🙂

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