Patnotebook Blogspot is now Patnotebook.Com

Patnotebook Blogspot is now Patnotebook.Com

If you are sharp eye today, you might noticed that the URL of the blog has changed from to 🙂 🙂 🙂

Always wanted to do so but never really taken that step for all kinds of reasons (including whether I can recover the domain fees from Adsense etc. ha).

But this weekend, ran a campaign where 30,000 tweets will unlock a $0.98 coupon for a domain name registration. They halved it to 15,000 tweets and this morning (Monday Singapore time), it was triggered…

But actually while it is cheap, I actually more concerned about WHOIS PRIVACY and whether it cost anything more. I typically buy my domains from Google Apps and they offers $10 per annum including domain fees AND whois privacy. Whereas for most of these hosting companies, their Whois is an additional cost ! However in this case, Namecheap offered a year free of Whois Privacy… nice.. I will see what happens in a year 🙂

So in the end, it cost me $1.16 for a domain:

Initially, obviously it is not going work. A “nice” temporary greeting that is extremely “professional”. I was going to faint 🙂

Two changes are needed:

(1) Firstly a change in the Hosting settings of the Namecheap account. Took me a while to navigate and even needed some googling for help as I am not familiar with Namecheap (more familiar with Enom where most of my domains are hosted).

(2) Then later, after a wait (just in case and to make sure the DNS change works), a change in the Blogspot account:

Flushing DNS on my Mac and then went for a shower first. I was thinking it might take up to 24 hours or even 48 hours for it to work but … when I was back froma shower, the change was working ! Fast and nice !!! is live !!!

And WhoisGuard is working (actually I simply dont understand why these companies must charge for something like this.. it is just a contact masking that can be done easily in the hosting companies !)

So I am now using Blogger as my “blogging platform” but no longer using blogspot as my hosting domain. Patnotebook is now on its own. The next logical step (if necessary) is to move from Blogger to WordPress and necessarily requires a new hosting company (such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Namecheap and a few dozens others). Will not rush into that as I am not terrible excited about maintaining yet another WordPress installation (my current one gives me enough troubles and takes time away from my hobbies :p)… but who knows, if there is a good hosting offer (e.g $1.99 per month or something), I might consider 🙂

Also I wanted to let the Google search engines slowly replace with in its search database.. so let’s have this domain sitting for a while first……

And I think I might be sensitive but somehow the blog felt more responsive and speedy.. maybe it is the $$ that is changing my perception. HA HA.


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