My wmplayer.exe Always Running in the Background

My wmplayer.exe Always Running in the Background

I have this damn annonying problem which I see in Vista. My wmplayer.exe is always running in the background. Wmplayer.exe is the Windows Media Player that comes with Vista. And, yes it is amazing that it is running in the background, even when I did not launched it. Even when I closed it and thought it is gone ! I had to keep shutting down the process manually everytime I see it.

Googling around, I finally found the fix in an excellent article !

Following the advice, I went to my Sync Center (I sync my laptop with my HTC Diamond phone).

Then I select the Readyboost icon (I am not really sure why it is called Readyboost. No doubt, I do use Readyboost but my USB thumbdrive is not set up for Readyboost. Instead it is my SD card.. weird)… Anyway, following instructions, I right click and select SET UP.

Sure enough, Windows decided to “automatically” sych my thumbdrive with my Windows Media Player. Sigh. I then un-check the button and the problem goes away.

Amazing. But that’s the power of the internet. I love the fact that I can find solutions so easily.

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