iPhone 3GS Internet Tethering on Windows 7

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I wrote these steps on an email to a few of my colleagues who just bought their iPhones these few days. The email were on the steps on how to do internet tethering on our iPhone 3GS and our company’s Windows 7 laptops.

Since I already wrote that email, I copy and paste into this blog as a posting. HA 🙂

I am sure there are many experts out there so I am not saying this is the definitive guide at all.


Dear bros XXX,

Not sure if your M1 allows for Internet Tethering but my Singtel does. It really make sense now that they all have a maximum of 12GB per month of usage plus a cap of SGD30 for data access.

Anyway, back to Internet Tethering for our laptops in office.

Internet Tethering is the use of your iPhone as a modem (since it already has a voice/data connection) that you can then go to the internet on your laptop WITHOUT wireless. For example, you are at a café and you need to access your laptop urgently but there is no wireless. Currently, you can use a mobile broadband dongle from Starhub, M1 or Singtel but once you have an iPhone, you dun need those Huawei dongles anymore !

Step 1 : Enable Internet Tethering in your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering > ON. That will switch on your Bluetooth in your iPhone too. I don’t use the USB method as I have Bluetooth in our laptops.

iPhone Internet Tethering Set Up

Step 2 : In your laptop, switch on BLUETOOTH and pair your laptop to the iPhone (this usually means you need to go to Bluetooth set up and then set the 2 devices to talk to each other).

Once paired, it should show up in Control Panel > Devices and Printers in Windows 7. Or just do a search for Devices:

iPhone Appearing in Windows 7 Devices Set Up

Step 3 : RIGHT CLICK iPhone and choose Connect Using > Access Point

Windows 7 Connecting to iPhone

Step 4 : At this time, your PC should have talked to your iPhone via Bluetooth and then “got into the internet” via Internet Tethering. To check if that’s the case, go to the icon in the Windows 7 task bar for network connections. You should see an internet access connection (mine is called iPhone Internet Tethering as I named it so. The first time, yours should say Network 2 or Network 3 etc). To make sure, just switch off your Wifi (but not your Bluetooth). On our company’s Lenovo X200s, that is FN+F5 and switch off Wireless but keep BlueTooth On.

iPhone Internet Tethering Icon in Windows 7

At the same time your iPhone should show that it is going through Internet Tethering:

iPhone Internet Tethering in Progress

That’s it. You can surf the web, check your emails, trade your shares, chat with people on MSN etc

All without a wireless connection !!!

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