How to transfer M1 eSIM to a new iPhone

How to transfer M1 eSIM to a new iPhone

A long while ago, I set up the eSIM for Dual SIM usage on my iPhone XS Max. I blogged about it here. It has served me well as I can have both my personal line as well as my business line on the same phone. Easy to handle lah.

Recently, I changed my phone to a iPhone 12 Pro Max. The main reason was simply I need the screen size as I am getting old and my eyes are not too good.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Anyhow, as part of the move to iPhone 12 Pro Max, I needed to “migrate” or transfer the eSIM from the old phone to the new one. I was wondering how many times I needed to call M1 to get this done 🙂

Actually it turned out to be pretty easy. Everything is done on the M1 app and no calls needed. HA.

On the old iPhone

Go to the Settings > Mobile Data > Data Plans > M1 Line and choose your M1 line and then click on it to go into the details.

Click on “Remove Data Plan” to say good bye to this line (actually the eSIM Profile set up on this phone).

And then next, go make a coffee. Or pee. Or do a one minute mediation. Give it a little bit of time.

On your new iPhone

Now go to your “My M1” app (assuming you installed it or have copied it from your old phone).

Click on the “More” icon on the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down to settings. Look for eSIM profile.

You should see this screen.

You can then click on “Activate eSIM profile”. And you are done.

Easy peasy. It should work now. It worked for me, at least.

Until you get the bill. Ha.

The change or transfer cost me $4.67.

5G does not work on Dual Sim iPhone

All is great until I discovered something I did not know before. I am guessing many knew except me. Hahahaha. As usual.

That if you have Dual SIM on an iPhone, 5G is not going to be available on your iPhone.

As per this from Apple itself. From its own documents.

So it meant that on an iPhone with Dual SIM, if both lines are active (hello, isn’t that the purpose of a Dual SIM phone… wtf), then 5G is not available.

If you want 5G on your 5G line (Eg SingTel), you need to turn off the other line (Eg M1).


Proof : With both lines, only 4G appears

With M1 line completely switched off….. 5G works.

I have no idea if this is the case for an Android 5G dual sim phone. I hope someone can tell me. And if that’s the case, then this is totally ridiculous from Apple. Else probably a technical reason.

Totally crazy. I wasted my 5G subscription. HA.


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