iPad Air 2022 5th Generation

Apple has launched the new iPad Air which features the new M1 chip, ultra-fast 5G as well as a new front camera with Centre Stage. It also comes with a USB-C port and 5G on cellular models. This is the new iPad Air 2022 5th Generation.

Why did I buy this iPad Air 2022

I ordered it on the day when it was available on Apple store and it was finally delivered today :). This will replace the very old Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ version which is going on strong actually. The old Apple iPad Pro is used by my wife for her real estate business and it helps her a lot in her work. But as usual, since there is a new “kid on the block” and the old iPad Pro is about 5 years old, hey.. let’s do it 🙂

Unboxing time of iPad Air 2022 5th Generation

iPad Air 2022 5th Generation

Hello baby….

And USB charger with USB cable…

Hello iPad Air with all its paperwork 🙂

iPad Air 2022 5th Generation

The colour I bought was “Starlight” which, looks like a more gentle tone of Gold to me. Definitely not as happening as the Purple Apple iPad mini I bought recently 🙂

And yes, Apple Stickers 🙂

And oh yes, I also bought the Apple Pencil to go with it…

Say Hello to the new iPad Air 2022 5th Generation !

Hello from iPad Air 2022

Hoping this iPad Air will last her for another 5 good years !

And Tell me Your Thoughts

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