Hong Kong Dim Sum : Maxim’s Palace City Hall 美心皇宮

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I ate some very good dim sum in Hong Kong this trip. One of the place is Maxim’s Palace at City Hall, Central, Hong Kong (美心皇宮).

Maxim's Palace City Hall

Maxim’s Palace City Hall
Address: City Hall Low Block, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Phone: 852/2521 1303
I think it is open only after 11 am

All I can say is you must go there and try the dim sum. It is a bit steep but very good ! The once admired view however is not so good anymore due to the construction taking place at the waterfront. Lots of construction always going on in Hong Kong.

I actually found it quite confusing to go there… After getting out of Central MTR (which clearly said CITY HALL), we had to walk quite far and cross the road, go through an underpass and walk a bit more to reach the city hall. Probably it is the wrong way but I am not sure. Is exit J3 a better way ?

Kassia New Launch FREEHOLD Condo at Flora Drive

Here’s the map:

Maxim's Palace City Hall 美心皇宮
Another point to take note. There is another cafe at the City Hall building on the grand floor, facing the main road. I think the name is Mei Xin but dun confuse it. It is not the same. The MAXIM’S PALACE we are talking about is on the 2nd floor. To get there you need walk across the courtyard in City Hall (and I was told, where weddings take place so we did spot a wedding going on) and then INTO the LIBRARY and then inside the Library, at the corner is a old lift lobby that takes you up to the 2nd floor ! But dun be fooled. Maxim’s Palace is very grand and nice and even toilet is quite nice.

Toilet at Maxim's Palace City Hall 美心皇宮

The beautiful crystal inside Maxim's Palace City Hall 美心皇宮

As for the food, I love it. Of course I love my favouite CHA SIEW Bun but seriously, every single dish was so good. Enjoy the pictures of the food as per below and check out the reviews in the internet. It is a place to go !!!

My Char Siew Bun inside Maxim's Palace City Hall 美心皇宮





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