Grey’s Payaya and then to Central Park

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Gray’s Papaya is a hot dog restaurant with four locations on the West Side of Manhattan, open 24 hours a day year-round.

The four locations of Gray’s Papaya in Manhattan are: 539 Eighth Avenue at 37th Street, 402 Sixth Avenue at 8th Street, 2090 Broadway at 72nd Street. Somewhere between a street vendor and a fast food restaurant,

Gray’s Papaya is famous for its very inexpensive, high-quality hot dogs. The “papaya” in the name refers to the fruit drinks sold at the establishment, which include orange, grape, piña colada, coconut champagne (non-alcoholic), and banana daiquiri (non-alcoholic) in addition to papaya.

This photography of mine is shot at the branch at 402 Sixth Avenue at 8th Street.
Grey's Payaya New York City

We actually visited the one in 72nd Street on our last day in New York. What we did was to wake up really early and took the subway to 72 Street. When we got out of the subway (cheers to the amazing subway in New York), we spotted it immediately. The staff were really friendly and we took away (TO GO) breakfast.

Grey's Payaya New York City

We then leisurely walked to Central Park. At the edge of Central Park, we found a bench, sat down, listen to a couple playing music and have the most wonderful breakfast-to-go at Central Park New York. It is so DAMN romantic and the weather is so good. It is a pleasure to visit Central Park with your loved one ! Or you can get breakfast and walk to American Museum of Natural History (made famous by the movie, Night at the Museum).

The food we bought that day:
Grey's Payaya New York City

(Look like SME meal from MacDonald, hor :p)

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