Flipback : Angle Viewfinder for Digital Cameras

Interesting piece of gadget I saw on the net and wondering if I would ever need it though.

A product known as Flipbac, an angle finder that uses a mirror to reflect the scene off your LCD, which simulates a screen that can be tilted. This gadget can be used in either landscape or portrait mode due to its dual-hinge design. When not in use, it can also act as a screen protector ! The best part is it doesn’t seem to add much thickness to the shooter.

Currently, Flipbac is compatible with most cameras that have a 3-inch LCD. For example, my new camera, Canon IXUS 870IS is listed on the web site. The web site has a list of compatible cameras as well as some scenarios where you might find the gadget useful (I keep thinking of the “naughty” scenarios though … 🙂 )

The USD 19.99 price is pretty affordable and you can get from its Web site.

Angle Viewfinder

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