Airplay to Zeppelin Air with Porthole

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The big news (for me) today is Spotify is now in Singapore. Oh yes, we are about 20 years later in everything that USA has 🙂

Spotify comes with a few ways to play the music. One is their Spotify desktop application (version for Mac, Windows etc). One is their web player. Then they have also the iPhone and iPad apps. Finally there are tons of 3rd party apps or even hardware that supported it natively (e.g. my dream Sonos… still dreaming of it even after getting the Zeppelin Air).

So I have installed the Spotify on my MacBook Pro today and wanted to get the music to my Zeppelin Air. My MacBook Pro is running Mountain Lion and that is supposedly to be able to do AirPlay mirroring… but wait, it only works for newer MacBook Pro (2011 onwards..). See this article. My poor MacBook Pro is way before that (and dare I say, running strongly… I have already changed 2-3 work Windows laptop and this guy is still rocking and firing..)….

Anyway, so poor me.. no way to AirPlay my Spotify music to Zeppelin Air. Ironically, the easiest way is just to AirPlay from my new iPad or iPhone 5 (they being of a newer version). Or stick with iTunes. There comes a need, there comes a solution. There are actually quite a few on the market. AirParrot, AirFoil and Porthole. I tried all 3 but preferred Porthole. So this article is about Porthole

Shop Amazon Music – Buy a CD or Vinyl Record, Instantly Get the MP3 Version for FREEAirplay to Zeppelin Air with Porthole

Installing it:
Porthole with Zeppelin Air

Need to install some Soundflower software, which is done very quickly and without even leaving the installer..
Porthole with Zeppelin Air

And off to find your Zeppelin Air..
Porthole with Zeppelin Air

Which it did.. thank god.. Zeppelin Air can be so F*&# freaky sometimes..
Porthole with Zeppelin Air

And you are done… and you can then use it to AirPlay any of these apps to the Zeppelin Air !
Porthole with Zeppelin Air

If you check the Sound in System Preferences, you can see that your Zeppelin Air now has AIRPLAY linked to it in MacBook Pro:
Porthole with Zeppelin Air

Porthole comes with an item on your Mac menu which allows you to quickly connect to ALL your AirPlay devices (e.g Apple TV) and ALL at the same time !

I love Spotify and this Porthole helps me to play the music through the Zeppelin Air !!

Buy me a Spotify Gift Card, will you 🙂

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