AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player : Pictures

I purchased the AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player at Comex 2009 PC Show at Suntec City today.

For AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player, I got it at SGD379 with a 1 Terabyte Hard Disk included. It also come with a free AC Ryan HDMI cable and also a 4GB thumb drive if you use Citibank Credit Card.

The 1 TB hard disk is very good as it means I can put many DivX and MKV videos as well as English and Cantonese RMVB serials on it. Currently, I am using a first generation Xbox game console running XBMC to stream the media files on my Personal Computer in the study room to the living room.

With this, I can just manually copy the files to the player itself and bypass the network at home. That helps to reduce the network issues sometimes encountered by the Xbox. I realized that the Xbox running XBMC was great and has been great for many years. But nowadays, the RMVB files for the English and Hong Kong serials are getting bigger (it used to 100MB but nowadays it is at least 200MB). This is probably because the USA TV stations and Hong Kong TVB station are broadcasting their serials in High Definition. That makes it very likely for the network to suffer lagging when playing these files.

In addition, I want to try out the MKV (High Definition) movies that I saw in the internet. However, the Xbox cannot have enough power to run it. I hope this player can do it well ! 🙂

Let me share the pictures of the player:

AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player

AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player

AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player

AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player

AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player

AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player

AC Ryan PlayOn FullHD Media Player

I also got a Dlink DIR 855 Wireless Xtreme-N Duo Media Gigabit Router. (Will share photos of that tomorrow)


  1. You'd think AC Ryan wld give a special offer at Comex, but no…u can get the same specs (1TB) and hardware for the Playon at some AC Ryan registered dealers in Sim Lim and Funan for…$364. Of course, u won't get that $100 voucher for McCoy products, but hey, do u really want to spend at least $200 more for a set of McCoy speakers etc?

  2. Hi Pat,

    May I know how you connect your AC Ryan to your network? Wired or wireless?

    Reason I am asking is, I got the HD2 over the weekend at its warehouse sale in Kaki Bukit. I got the wireless dongle and I am having a very hard time connecting to my wireless network.

    So I am wondering how was it for you.

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