A crazy solution to iPhone GPS not working

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This must be my most stupid post ever. Today, I had a problem with my iPhone. No matter what I do, the GPS does not work. There are just no lock with the GPS satellites. I go to an open field and it just does not work either. It refused to get a GPS lock on my phone.

I tried to reset “Location Warning” under General>Reset but it does not work. I rebooted a few times. It does not work. I tried all kinds of combination of network settings etc. It does not work.

I reached home. I googled and I found a solution. It worked.

What did I do ?

I firmly but gently hit it against a table a few times ! It helped that i have a solid casing for the iPhone which makes me a bit more daring to hit it hard

After that it worked. Even inside a HDB flat, it was able to find a GPS lock. I am surprised and shocked…. 🙂

See this blog post: Solving iPhone GPS not working by hitting it

Technology is so amazing. Another solution (which I did not tried since the above worked) was documented as:

Here’s how you fix it:

– Go to settings, general, auto-lock, change it from 1 Minute to NEVER
– Go to settings, general, reset, reset network settings (THIS WILL REBOOT YOUR IPHONE)
– Go outside, in a clear place with NO tree’s, buildings, or anything blocking your view of the sky
– Open “MAPS”, click NO on all that wi-fi crap, then click the little gps icon, and let it sync up with the satellites (this could take a few minutes)

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