Hong Kong : Tsing Ma Bridge 青马大桥: Photos and How to Get There to Park Island

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I found a good Hong Kong company, Mona Lisa that does excellent wedding photos and also is at an excellent location, next to Tsing Ma Bridge where so many TVB shows are filmed. They are located at Park Island which offers a great view of the Tsing Ma Bridge (青马大桥) (and hence they highly market their own wedding packages with the fact you can take wedding photos against the backdrop of Tsing Ma Bridge).

In fact, they used a lot of very popular Hong Kong TVB stars as their publicity models ! Check out their web site and you can see stars like 黃宗澤, 胡杏兒, 薛凱琪 and 吳卓羲 and others !

Anyway, back to the blog’s content. So I took the chance to take photos of Tsing Ma Bridge (青马大桥) since I was there.. and here are some photos of Tsing Ma Bridge (青马大桥) that I have taken the whole day that I was there:

Day Time :
Tsing Ma Bridge in Day Time

Kassia New Launch FREEHOLD Condo at Flora Drive

Tsing Ma Bridge Beach in Day Time 2

Late Afternoon :
Tsing Ma Bridge in Late Afternoon

Dusk :
Tsing Ma Bridge in Dusk

Late Evening :
Tsing Ma Bridge in Late Evening

Night Time :
Tsing Ma Bridge at Night Time

(pardon my photography skills)

How do you get there ? Park Island is a major private housing estate on the island and is in fact featured in a TVB Serial in 2008 (最美麗的第七天). It has a very relaxing feeling about it and it feels exclusive and feels very far away from the busy downtown of Hong Kong.

Park Island Transport Company Limited (珀麗灣客運有限公司) operates bus and ferry services between Ma Wan Island and other parts of Hong Kong territory. You can follow instructions on how to get to Park Island Palace from this web site or also from Park Island Transport Web Site.

As an example, you can take the Hong Kong MTR to Kwai Fong easily and then go the Park Island bus stop between Metroplaza (which, by the way, is a NICE place to shop too.. nice shopping centre with lots of good food outlets. Check it out if you have time) and Kwai Tsing Theatre. There will be a Park Island bus waiting there according to the schedule. It costs HK$ 9.50 flat fare for single trip since you probably is not a resident of Park Island.

A map:
Kwai Fong to Park Island Bus Stop Map

Once the bus starts, you will be driven to the Park Island and along the way, you can catch lots of views of Tsing Ma Bridge. Align at the very FIRST STOP and Park Island Palace is right in front of you.

This is a shot of the “bus stop”. Look at those beautiful buildings behind. These are condos of the Park Island !
Park Island Bus Stop and Condo

It is easy to spot the Park Island Palace building. First it is the only building there and secondly, you can see all the TVB stars wedding publicity photos on the wall on the building.
Park Island Palace.

If you are not getting wedding photos taken, walk to the right hand side of the building and walk round it. You will see Noah Ark Building (a very interesting stone building) and from there, you can go down to the beach. At the beach, you can easily take photos of the Tsing Ma Bridge. You can also walk across the road to the neighbouring Ma Wan Park which is very nice for photo taking (and which of course you will see a lot of bridal couples there from Mona Lisa too.

Park Island Beach

Park Island Ma Wan Park

I was told there is another way of taking great photos of Tsing Ma Bridge but I am not familiar as I did not go that way in this trip. It is by the little known Airport Core Program Exhibition Center. It supposedly showcase the exhibits of how the bridge and airport are built. I could not find much information on this except this web site and transport to the place is not easy too.

If I go back Hong Kong, I will visit Park Island again. Now, at the back of my mind, I keep wondering if the nice romantic cafe that is operated by 黃宗澤 and 郑嘉颖 in the TVB serial 最美麗的第七天 is actually also in the Park Island itself and can I visit it and have a nice drink by the sea side ? Me and my TVB madness….

I miss Hong Kong !

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  1. I am so glad I found your website. Thanks for the information. I also will be taking pre-wedding pictures with my husband-to-be at Mona Lisa too!
    If you don’t mind, I have some questions to ask you about your experiences at Mona Lisa. Please e-mail me at [email protected].

    Thank you.

  2. I am glad I read your post too!! Please let me know how you photo shoot went and if you have any tips/advice thepinkprincess2002@gmail dot com

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