Tracing a filming location from a TVB serial 甜言蜜语

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As some of my readers here know, I am crazy about TVB serials.

I watched (almost) every single one of the many serials they produced each year. But my own preference is always watching serials on the recent times (rather than those old times) as I can see places where I can visit when I go to Hong Kong. I have a very strong desire about visiting TVB locations. Very crazy right ? 🙂

Anyway, one of the serials which I like last year, 甜言蜜语, featured a road side food store (or what we loved to call 大排当) somewhere in Hong Kong. The main actress (yes, Kate 徐子珊 again) has a father that own a 大排当 selling great bread and drinks. The place looked very interesting and I showing you some screen shots from the TVB serial:

For example, we were introduced to 徐子珊’s character dad’s cafe:
Filming Location of 甜言蜜语

In the TVB serial, the place is called 胜芳园 :
Filming Location of 甜言蜜语

So I am quite curious. Is there such a place ? It looks real and does not look like shooting in the studio. Where in Hong Kong is this place then ?

Luckily, I slowly watch the whole serial a week before my Hong Kong trip on my computer and hence can pause the serial at appropriate moments and then do ny research on the internet.

In one scene, they finally showed the OPPOSITE ROAD of the location:
Filming Location of 甜言蜜语

Wow. 2 clues. One is 九记牛腩 and the other is Halo Asia. That’s enough. Google and I found out that 九记牛腩 is a very famous beef store in Central.

九记牛腩 Location

Halo Asia web site is even better. It gave me the exact location and even a map of the store as in Gough Street.
Halo Asia Location

Great. So now I know that there is actually such a street in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. But is there such a store ? Is it just a flat empty place where TVB crew set up a store to sell food for the serial ?

So I visited Gough Street on my first day …
Filming Location of 甜言蜜语 Gough Street Hong Kong

And the result was astonishing ! Really…. I will tell you in my next post but show you two pictures. One from the show and from the actual place

From the show:
Filming Location of 甜言蜜语

Actual Place:
Gough Street Hong Kong
胜香园大排当 (updated in March 2017 photo)

There is indeed such a place in Hong Kong.. And you can see in the actual place a great hint of the actual business at the place .. Tell you more in the next blog post 🙂

For those who are interested in GPS and stuff like that, the GPS Coordinates of the location is 22.284256, 114.152467. Enter that into your GPS tool or Google Map to help you find the place when you are in Hong Kong.

Tracing a filming location from a TVB serial 甜言蜜语


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