My Unique iPhone Personal Buddha Chanting App

My Unique iPhone Personal Buddha Chanting App

Buddhist chanting machines are small, portable sound machines that are sold or given out at Buddhist Temples or shops selling Buddhist religious products. They usually contain a number of different Buddhist chants. They are intended for use when you just wanted to chant/meditate on the go or even place at home to listen to.

Each box usually contains either two or more chants, they particularly contain, “Amituofo” & “Namo Amituofo” (Chinese for Amitabha Buddha.)

Being Buddhist myself, I was very excited to find that it is possible to have these Buddhist chanting machines on your iPhone 🙂

Here’s a screen shot:
iPhone App chanting Buddha songs

Here’s the link:

When I am angry or just need a peace of mind, I switch on and listen to it and close my eyes and try to relax….


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