Motion X GPS Lite shows my drive from KL to Singapore

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I wrote previously about my desire to do proper geotagging for my photos for my upcoming Hong Kong trip. This led me to try many iPhone apps including paying 0.99cents for PhotoTrip, free testing apps like GeoLogTag and Trails. Most were a lot of disappointments. I am sure there are a few good ones but they all require payment before I can try them. I did paid $0.99 for PhotoTrip but I am not too impressed by its accuracy in the end. I primarily test them using static (i.e. tell me on the GPS where I am) and tracking (i.e. tell me on the GPS where my route was). Alternatively I thought of buying those GPS tracker device such as this:Zoombak ZMBK346 Advanced GPS Universal LocatorMotion X GPS Lite shows my drive from KL to Singapore

I finally tried Motion X Lite and I am very glad I did.

I first tested it in Singapore and then used it for my KL trip this weekend. Its interface allows me to know exactly that I am using GPS signals and the strength of it (this is because it is very clearly stated on my iPhone that I am using GPS and not the “triangulation method” that iPhone also used). It has tons of functions including Waypoint (i.e. Static) and Tracks. For the waypoint, you can take a photo of the waypoint and then name it to help you remember where this waypoint is. Then you can do the usual networking stuff (email the GPX data to anyone, Facebook and Twitter integration etc). In the free app version, you can keep up to 3 waypoints and up to 1 track.

It is even possible to control the iPod songs from the app itself so that you dun have to exit the app to control the iPod. I like the fact that you can “lock” the screen and set the display brightness which will help to prevent mistakes in switching off the app accidentally and also to reduce battery usage through the screen brightness. It is a very comprehensive app and amazingly, it is FREE.

I did a few waypoints and found that it found me exactly where I was in Singapore (I remembered one free app telling me that I was in the main road more than 400 metres away from my place when I was actually in my toilet 🙂 ). Ditto for my few waypoints in Malaysia.

Then this weekend, I tried the ultimate test for Motion X Lite. I started the tracking function from KL to Singapore. All 330 km++ of the drive. All while playing my iPhone music too and using the locking function + the screen brightness function to see how long the battery last. It did not fail me. The battery also lasted all the way without any issues (I think it only moved about 20% or 30% and that’s also because I am playing the music).

Here’s the result of the tracking:
Motion X Tracking from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Beautiful ? When I drilled down further, I am astonished to see the app managing to keep really close to the exact road that I was using ! No silly side tracking into the area next to the road like some apps do:
Close up of Motion X Tracking from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

You can see the full route details at this site:
My Drive from KL to Singapore via GPS Visualizer

I was very impressed. On its own, the free app is more than good. It is great. Except that it does not allow the saving of more than 3 waypoints or the saving of more than 1 tracking route. I do need more than 3 waypoints so I ended up (tonight) paying USD2.99 for the full app.

I think it is worth every cent.

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