I love to read Hong Kong gossip magazines

I love to read Hong Kong gossip magazines

I was looking through my Hong Kong travel photos recently and saw this picture I took in the hotel room. Yes, it is a photo of some of the Hong Kong gossip magazines that I bought. I bought a lot during my last trip that it was so heavy 🙂

You can easily get them in Hong Kong at the roadside newspaper stores everywhere. I am such a TVB fan so I loved the idea of buying these magazines from the stores to read about the gossips about the Hong Kong TV stars and singers. And I kow this sound weird…. but also being able to buy the magazines from the stores just like how those TVB characters do it in the serials makes it fun… (I know.. silly).

Hong Kong Gossip Magazines

Hong Kong Roadside Newspaper Stores

It is actually possible to download these magazines from the internet for free but the feeling of reading these magazines is different lah. So whenever I am in Hong Kong or a colleague or friend goes to Hong Kong, I absolutely DEMAND that they must buy back a few of these gossip magazines for me.

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