How much does a TVB star like 徐子珊 earn. Wow !

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Go Hong Kong, must buy Hong Kong gossip magazines. Full of news on my favourite TVB Actors and Actresses.

This one is my yearly ritual. Die die also must buy. Love reading them. So much cheaper than buying in Singapore (yes, there are some places which sell them but for an astonishing price)

My 2010 Hong Kong Gossip Magazines

How much does a popular TVB actress earn

In one of the articles, they talked about 徐子珊, Kate Tsui (known in some circles as TVB’s 亲生女 due to TVB’s amazing support for her). 徐子珊 is of course very popular now and has lots of opportunities in TVB, singing (yes.. she released a CD) and even in movies. They talked about how she moved to a new place and how much she earned in details.

How much did Kate Tsui made last year

Let me detail it in:

  • Movies (4 Movies total 540,000 HKD = 98,000 SGD)
  • TVB Serials (5 Serials toal 462,000 HKD = 84,000 SGD) (now i know they earn 7000 HKD to just appear in 1 episode !!)
  • CD (only 30,000 HKD = 5,400 SGD)
  • Advertisements (1,600,000 HKD = 290,000 SGD) (WOW.. that’s a lot !)
  • Others like road shows, overseas promotions (1,500,000 HKD = 270,000 SGD)
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Her total earnings last year is 4.13 Million HKD = 751,000 SGD

And she is NOT even the top TVB star (yet at the time of writing.. by 2012, she is one of the top TVB female stars).

Imagine the people like Charmine Seah etc. It pays to be pretty in Hong Kong !!!

What else to do in Hong Kong besides buying gossip magazines.

Go Hong Kong must also eat the food at Australia Dairy Company too. In that article, I also listed my favourite Hong Kong breakfast places !!

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