Hong Kong : Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant 裕記燒鵝飯店

This must be one of my highlights of the food I ate in my recent trip to Hong Kong.

The Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店) at Sham Tseng, New Territories.

My colleagues from Hong Kong suggested this when I first told them I wanted to go to the world famous Yung Kee Restaurant 镛记酒家 at Wellington Street in Central. They told me that to Hong Kong locals, the Yue Kee is better and much cheaper. Yung Kee is more for tourism and also better location.

So we decided… Yue Kee is the place we going to eat !

Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店 at 深井

饭店地址: 新界深井深康路九号 (深井碧堤半岛落车)
订座电话: 2491 0105
营业时间: 11am — 11:30pm
Website: www.yuekeerest.biz.com.hk

I am now totally in love with Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店).

The roasted goose is the best ever I tasted in my life.

I can only say I will go back to Hong Kong just for that dish. Imagine ! 🙂

The only issue is that it is pretty out of place and takes a bit of research to try to reach there.. but we did it. So can you !
The web site of the restaurant showed a rough direction to the place but I am going to give you more specific in terms of the way WE went.

Yue Kee Roasted Goose

We took the MTR to Tsing Yi (青衣 MTR). Tsing Yi MTR is on the route to the Hong Kong Aiport, Disneyland MTR and Lautau Island.

Getting to Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant 裕記燒鵝飯店
Once out of Tsing Yi MTR, you walk to the bus terminal (like a Singapore bus interchange, very big and have many individual booths for each different bus). Find the place where you can take Mini bus 308M. If you are walking from the MTR, it should be at the far end of the terminal.

Satellite view should make this clearer:

Getting to Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant 裕記燒鵝飯店

I printed this 308M bus route from the internet and tried to follow the route….. but it was not necessary. Because it was really late (almost 10 pm) and we were not very confident where to alight, we just tell the bus driver we are going to Yue Kee and he told us when we reached (it helps that your travel mate can speak very good Cantonese :p)

Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店 is opposite a very pretty new estate (housing estate with many condos):

Getting to Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant 裕記燒鵝飯店

A satellite view:

Getting to Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant 裕記燒鵝飯店

After we alighted, we crossed the road and walked into the open air car park that is run by Yue Kee (and it was pretty dark that night) and then cross a bridge to go to Yue Kee.

Yue Kee Car Park 裕記燒鵝飯店

Inside the Restaurant 裕記燒鵝飯店

The other dish I love is this century egg. My favourite egg !
Century Egg at Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店

Also, we are told by locals that there is a very good dessert place just on the main road. What a waste we did not try it as we are very full ! 🙁

At a later trip, we did tried… See here: Fa Kee Dessert

Lastly, we had fun as we took another private mini bus that took us from the main road of 深井 to Jordon in Kowloon.
It was brilliant as we saw how private mini bus drivers are like…. but that’s another blog posting for another day 🙂

Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店

Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店

Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店

Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店

Yue Kee 裕記燒鵝飯店

Read about our day trip to this place: Day Trip to Yue Kee

Added GPS:22 21’41.3718N, 114 2’15.022″E

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