Hong Kong : 砵仔糕 at Wellington Street

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There is a very special 砵仔糕 Wellington Street at Central, Hong Kong. It is only open from 1 pm to 3 pm and no other times. It is not even a proper shop. Just a cart that has one of the best 砵仔糕 ever served in the country. The auntie is very friendly and her food is really good. I am not really a fan of sticky stuff but it did appealed to my taste buds !

Hong Kong Number 1 砵仔糕

Hong Kong Number 1 砵仔糕 in make shift boxes

To go there, you need to go to the JUNCTION of the Wellington Street 威灵顿街 and D’Aguilar Street 德己立街 (D’Aguilar Street is, of course, the famous Lan Kwai Fong street.. which you can barely tell in the day time). Her stall is at the junction of these 2 street. At the time of writing, at this junction is the MILAN STATION fashion shop. Her stall is on the road side just outside of the MILAN STATION. It is also very near to the famous Yung Kee 镛记 roast goose shop at 32-40 Wellington Street.

Kassia New Launch FREEHOLD Condo at Flora Drive

Wellington Street

If this is not clear, here’s a google map….

Wellington Street

Please please try this stall when you in Hong Kong !!

The lady that sells the 砵仔糕

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