Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室 at Sheung Wan (CLOSED)

Update in Nov 2021 : Another one bites the dust. Sigh. It is now closed. See https://www.afoodieworld.com/jericho/at-hoi-on-cafe-nostalgia-for-hong-kong-s-bing-sutt-is-preserved

Chanced upon this gem of an eating place at Sheung Wan in Hong Kong.

The Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室 is at Connaught Road, Sheung Wan, next to many shops selling dried seafood.

Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室

I did not take much photos and you can see more photos here in this link.

As you can see, it is such a traditional looking shop. Really hard to find in modern Hong Kong nowadays (just like Mido Cafe)
Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室

But the food is damn good… I think it is a great place for afternoon tea after shopping at the dried seafood shops at Sheung Wan !!

Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室

Selling out fast:
Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室

Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室

And this this this is simply the best 菠蘿包 I ever ate !!!

I also highly recommend 鸡尾包,老婆饼 and the 蛋挞。

I will go back again for my next trip to Hong Kong !!!

Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea at this place !!

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