Fix Missing Subtitles in Plex for XBMC NFO importer

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I mentioned that Plex can read the NFO files that you can prepare already for XBMC by means of a special meta-agent.

However, I noticed that Plex does not read subtitles files (.SRT files) that I have also have in the folder. That was very frustrating to me. Till I saw this forum posting which solved the issue. See this link.

Go back to the metaagent that we have already updated. The XBMCNFOImporter. Add this line into the code:

accepts_from = [‘com.plexapp.agents.localmedia’]

Missing Subtitles from Plex XBMC NFO Importer

Shut down the Synology Media Server and then restart it. Wait for a while and you should be able to go to Settings and find that you can now choose the “Local Media Assets” meta-agent which will guide Plex to use the local assets (such as subtitles etc). Make sure you selected the checkbox:

Missing Subtitles from Plex XBMC NFO Importer

And now when you do a FORCE REFRESH of your movie library, you should see the SUBTITLES 🙂

Missing Subtitles from Plex XBMC NFO Importer

Compare this with before.. where the subtitles field is not in the Metadata.
Missing Subtitles from Plex XBMC NFO Importer\\

Hope this will help 🙂


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