CityFlyer Bus from Hong Kong Airport to Hotels

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When you reached Hong Kong, there are quite a lot of ways to go from the Hong Kong International Airport to the hotels you stay in Hong Kong. These include taxi, subway, bus or even Hotel coaches & limousines.

The most famous is of course the Hong Kong Airport Express. It is always known to be the fastest and the quickest way to get to the city. If you do take this, make sure you are aware of the ever going-on promotion that has a reduced fare price for 2 person or more. Apparently (I have not tried this before) but you need to verbally tell the cashier about this promotion and get the discounted prices as it is NOT given automatically. That means, if you dun open your mouth and say you are paying HKD160 for 2 tickets, you dun get the discount πŸ™‚

The airport express is great if you stay in a hotel that is along the Hong Kong airport express line or you dun mind taking a taxi from the MTR stations along the airport express line. It is even better if you are not staying in the Hong Kong island but at the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Because if you do stay at Hong Kong Island, the Airport express line will end the last station at the Hong Kong MTR station and you do need to walk a significant distance (in comfort though) from Hong Kong MTR station to Central MTR station and then from there, another train onwards to your destination such as Causeway Bay. Imagine dragging your luggage along these routers. Worst, imagine dragging as much as 4 luggages (which is what happened to me) AFTER your shopping in Hong Kong and when you are trying to go home πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

For my latest trip, I am staying at a hotel about 10 mins walk from Tin Hou MTR (Hotel Name is Empire Hotel which I will do a review soon. It is a GREAT hotel). So my journey will be Airport -> Hong Kong MTR -> Central MTR -> Tin Hou MTR -> Walk 10 mins -> Hotel.

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Did not want to do that. So I took CityFlyer Hong Kong. CityFlyer is an airport service provided by CityBus and takes you from Airport to individual hotels along the trip. It is not a POINT to POINT bus service (i.e. Airport to specific hotels). That would be more expensive. This is a normal bus service that just happens to be stopping along normal bus stops that are near to hotels. CityBus ran a few lines that goes to different areas of Hong Kong.

Most importantly, it costs only HKD 40. That’s right. Cheap and good. I took bus A11 and it took me right to my hotel (5 mins walk from bus stop to hotel). For just HKD 40.

It did took me a while to find the departure bus stop. It is located at the airport bus terminus. When you exit Terminal 2, it is on your left. When you exit Terminal 1, it is on your right.

CityFlyer Bus Stop

Upon reaching (walking down a slope), you should see lots of CityBus at the terminal.


My A11 bus is right at the entrance of the terminal:

CityFlyer Bus Stop

To buy tickets, you either already bought an Octopus stored value ticket from the airport express counter or you can buy it at the Customer Service booth at the bus terminus (at the left side of the entrance to the bus terminus.. hard to explain) where you can get the tickets with changes. You MUST BUY the ticket before you board the bus or pay EXACT CASH when you board the bus.

Citybus Tickets

Don’t expect the bus driver to give you change… I noticed a lot of tourists boarding the bus and asking for change with their HKD 500 note πŸ™‚

Going along the bus route allows you to see things you dun get to see when you take the airport express. Bus A11 even goes under a West Harbour Crossing tunnel between Kowloon and Hong Island before reaching downtown Central.

You get to see sights along the way such as ICAC office … located right in the city … so easy to report corruption ! πŸ™‚

See this web site for details:
CityFlyer Hong Kong web site

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