An email message can’t be created because Safari can’t find an email application

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Recently I installed Thunderbird (for Mac) and used it for a while in the Mac. This is because Mail (the original email client supplied by Apple) seemed pretty unstable with my It always seemed to be asking for the password quite frequently. So I wanted to try something else.

But did not really enjoy using Thunderbird so switched back to Mail.

When I tried to email from Safari (e.g. when I see a web page I like), this message showed up

An email message can’t be created because Safari can’t find an email application.

Googling around and found a solution.

Go to Mail application and then to Mail Preferences and select another e-mail option, or if another one is not there click on “select” in the drop down menu and select any other application (For example, I choose CALCULATOR :p).

Then close the preference panel. Next, reopen and select Mail 3.6. Close the panel and restart Safari. Try the Mail option in the File Menu or shortcut Command/I for forwarding the site page or Command/Shift/I for forwarding the URL link.

It worked 🙂

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the tip, it worked perfectly. I am currently running Mail 4.4 (1082) and Safari 5.0.3 – I had previously installed the Google Notifier for Mac, so I could send directly from my browser, via my Gmail account. I soon realized that I wanted a local copy of all my email messages, incase anything happened to the Google/Gmail servers, limiting my access… and, when Time Machine runs, I have another backup of my email(s). Anyways, thanks for the article, this was extremely useful.

    – Tony

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