2009 National Day Parade Goodies Bag Photos

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Lentor Mansion Preview Starts on 1st March

My 3 2009 National Day Parade (NDP) Goodies Bags 🙂

My Yellow 2009 National Day Parade Goodie Bags

My Blue 2009 National Day Parade Goodie Bags

My Green 2009 National Day Parade Goodie Bags

My 3 Bags

No choosing of colours so I am glad I got the 3 different colours 🙂

No choosing of Colours for the Goodie Bags

Not sure what other colours are there. I read somewhere there are 8 different colours.

Also the bag can be re-configured to be used in 2 ways as it is a versatile two-in-one bag with a detachable flap, which will turn it from a messenger bag into a tote bag !

In reply to a reader’s question on what’s in the bag, here’s the list as written in the programme booklet

Bread, biscuits, sweets, mineral water/Newater, Asian Drink, Isotonic Drink, Dry Paper Napkin, Wet Paper Napkin, Poncho, Litter Disposal Bags

Heart-shaped lantern with Batteries, hand-shaped drum, face tattoo, miniature Singapore Flag with Post


Programmer Booklet, Magazine, Discount Coupons Booklet (A LOT OF GOOD STUFF!), NDP DVD, ZoCard, ComChest Donation Leaflet

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