Patnotebook Has A New Look

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A while back I moved to Even then, I was running on Blogger. Even on Blogger, I was running a new interface known as Dynamic views which is pretty cool. But, to the ever itchy hands me, it is never enough.

Today, I am pleased to show off the new with a new look.

New Patnotebook

Patnotebook WordPress

Kassia New Launch FREEHOLD Condo at Flora Drive

Original Patnotebook

Patnotebook Blogger

During Black Friday sales, Namecheap has an amazing offer (60%) off hosting so that allowed me to finally hit the move to a hosting plan. Previously I had already moved one of my domains to Hostgator and installed WordPress. While the process made me cry (a lot) and sweat (a huge amount), I did learnt a LOT. I should one day sit down and blog about it. Lots of good information to share about WordPress.

So anyway, now I am hosting on a WordPress theme by Graph Paper Press. I have also ran my other blog on a theme from them and love that look. This new look on is based on a theme called Berlin.

Hope you like the new look !

Enjoy your stay !

P.S. I just realized that I am now completely off Blogger now. With a bit of tear and sentimental sadness. Blogger has served me well since I started blogging more than 15 years ago ? So many blogging services over the years…. cannot even remember their names 🙂

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