Interesting Tip : Access User Google Maps on Maps in iPhone

Access User Google Maps on Maps in iPhone

I saw this interesting tip this afternoon in the web so decided to try it out :

Access Saved Maps in Maps for iPhone

Anton Shuster tips us off to how to access a missing feature in the iPhone’s Maps app:

Do you want access to your saved Google maps on your iPhone but you don’t want to use the Google Earth app?
1. Load your Google map in your browser on your computer.
2. Click “Link” in the toolbar above the map.
3. Take the link that’s provided for pasting in email or IM and append “&output=nl” to it.
4. Send this appended link to your iPhone somehow (I used email).
5. On your iPhone, copy (do not open) the link. You can do this by holding your finger on the link in Mail.
6. Paste it into the search field of the Maps app and hit Go.
Now you should see all the places that were marked in your saved map show up as pushpins.

I have a Google Map that I used to generate places where I like to visit if I am in Hong Kong as well as giving me some idea of how far things are. Also, the train stations etc are well labelled on the Google Map so it is useful to me too.

The link is here

This is how it looks on the Google Map in PC:

View Hong Kong in a larger map

So following the advice, this is how it looks on the iPhone.
Google Map on iPhone

Pretty nice. Except that I still cannot save the link as a bookmark in the MAPS so must save it separately (I save it in Notes). Can be quite useful when you are travelling.

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