First obstacle to a Henge Dock implementation


My first attempt to set up my Henge Dock was my own “act smart” problem. A while back, I knew I wanted to buy the Henge Dock and had (I thought I am very smart) to do some planning. I purchased this item from Monoprice: 6ft 32AWG Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable – White. The reason I bought it is because it is a single cable of Mini Displayport straight to HDMI. There are no adaptors involved and hence it is clean and nice…

In Henge Dock PDF manual, it is known when you use an Apple adaptor of Mini Displayport to anything (DVI, VGA, HDMI), the large size of the Apple adaptor (and the limited length) will result in some issue of trying to squeezing into the base of the Hedge Dock:

My Henge Dock Implementation

In fact, Henge Dock even offered Custom Mini DisplayPort Adapters specifically designed to work with the docks but then it is still an adaptor. I wanted a pure cable. No adaptor nonsense. No a more part that might caused some issues.

My Henge Dock Implementation

Smart hor.. but then I did not noticed (and read the reviews) that the head of the cable I ordered from Monoprice is large. Too HUGE. For the hole inside of the Henge Dock ! UURGGGHHHH !

My Henge Dock Implementation

So I guess for now, I have either to use the adaptor (and then use a cable) or buy a cable from Monoprice that seemed to be shorter but has a smaller head.. Here’s the one I am looking at…

Looks smaller head 🙂


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