East Coast Park to Bedok PCN

Bedok PCN

A while back, I wrote about my walk from East Coast Park to Siglap PCN. Today I wanted to share a walk I took from East Coast Park to Bedok PCN.

Read about my East Coast Park walk to Siglap PCN then to Kallang here…

Starting at East Coast Carpark C

I started at East Coast Park Car Park C near to the Raintree Cove.

Area C of East Coat Park

The map I am using is attached here in the NParks web site.

Here’s the route I took in RED ink:

East Coast Park to Bedok PCN
East Coast Park to Bedok PCN

At the start of my walk, there is a nice “Siglap Canal” as per this photo

Siglap Canal

Which is this nice new lawn and lookout deck. A good start to the walk as you looked at the sun rise πŸ™‚

Siglap Canal
Siglap Canal

Look to the east, people !

Sun Rise at Siglap Canal

Carry on your walk and you will walk past the new Cyclist Park.

Cyclist Park East Coast Park

And the famous seafood centre πŸ™‚

East Coast SeafoodΒ Centre

Beautiful morning…

Morning at East Coast Seafood Centre
What a beautiful morning

Bedok Jetty

Of course, you cannot miss out on Bedok Jetty. I did not know about the history of this famous place till I read this…

Bedok Jetty
Bedok Jetty
Bedok Jetty

Another beautiful morning at Bedok Jetty

Bedok Jetty looking towards East Coast Park


Reaching Bedok PCN through the Underpass

To reach Bedok PCN from East Coast Park, you need to take one of the few underpass which takes you UNDER the East Coast Expressway over to the other side of the road.

In this case, we want to walk to the PA Passion Vale near to Carpark G

PA Passion Vale

And then the East Coast branch of Outward Bound School (really ?)…

East Coast Outward Bound

To Area G

Area G of East Coast Park
Area G of East Coast Park

Which points you to the underpass

Underpass to Bedok PCN
The underpass


Bedok PCN Underpass
Bedok East Coast Underpass

Start of Bedok PCN

Once you cross over from the underpass, you are at the start of the Bedok Park Connector (PCN).

Wow.. 6km to Bedok Reservoir park ! I cannot do that today πŸ™‚

Bedok PCN

It is starting to look daunting πŸ™‚

Start of Bedok PCN
Bedok PCN Starting Point
Bedok PCN Starting Point

Pass a golf driving range

And an Army Camp

And lots of constructions due to the upcoming East Coast MRT line…

Thomson-East Coast MRT
Sungei Bedok Station

From here, you will need to cross the private housing estate to reach this “Eastwood Park Playground”

Eastwood Park Playground

Bedok Canal but under construction

You want to do that as you want to reach the Bedok Canal.

Which, unfortunately at the time of my walk, was still under construction…

Bedok Canal
Bedok Canal
Bedok Canal

You can imagine how nice it will be when it is done !!

Bedok Canal Works

As you walk to the main road, you can see the construction…..

Bedok Canal

At this point, I was pretty tired and I can see that by crossing the main road, you can carry on the walk along the Bedok PCN to Simpang Bedok and after that to Bedok Reservoir.

But I choose to stop here πŸ™‚

So near, yet so far
Bedok PCN Map

The PCN is right next to this Bedok Canal…

Bedok Canal
Bedok Canal PCN

Distance of East Coast Park to Bedok PCN

The total distance of the walk is 10km….. Yes 10 km !!

I stopped at Summer Gardens Condo (right next to the Bedok Canal PCN) and took a grab back to East Coast Park Car park C…

Summer Gardens Condo
Summer Gardens Condo

I will write about the walk from this area (the Bedok PCN) to Bedok Reservoir soon too πŸ™‚

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