Free 100GB Personal Network Storage in Singapore

You can get free 100GB of “cloud” space if you sign up for this service with NewMedia Express in Singapore. This only applies to the following internet providers in Singapore so if you are not from Singapore, you cannot get this. And that means you need to be using these ISPs. Notice that there is a huge company not in the list.. yes. the RED one… 🙂

The link to sign up is : Free 100GB Personal Network Space

Supported Singapore Internet Broadband Provider:
– LGA Telecom
– M1
– MyRepublic
– Starhub
– SuperInternet
– ViewQwest

I am on ViewQwest and I loved this service. I used it mainly to backup my photo collection so that I know there is at least one copy up in the “cloud” somewhere. I will not upload anything else personal though (e.g. financial stuff etc). And the upload speed is amazingly.. it literally takes a few seconds to upload my photos from each shoot..

On the same page there are instructions on how to set up your PC etc to link to the 100GB space.

FREENET.SG network storage is based on open standard HTTP WebDAV protocol, it allow users to create, change and move files between various devices to a central server hosted by NewMedia Express. FREENET.SG network storage services is designed as an NAS (Network Attach Storage) replacement. Users store files in FREENET.SG network storage with the flexibility to access files from any computer or mobile devices via high speed Internet connection.

Personally, I used these software to do so:

(1) On my Mac, I use Cyberduck to upload photos to the Storage
(2) On my iPad and iPhone, I use app called “WebDav Nav

So far so good.. Free.. sure take lah ! 🙂 🙂

Else I recommend also

(1) Dropbox (as usual)
(2) Copy (not bad.. the iPhone and iPad apps for this service is good too)

And Tell me your Thoughts