Cloud Storage Offering of Free 15GB

I am a long time user of Dropbox and still love it. It has superb integration with lots of software, apps and is forever the key storage for me in my Mac, iPad, iPhone and even Windows. But the space is never enough 🙂

Here comes another cloud storage offering.. 15GB free.. inspired by Google recent consolidation of its own Google Drive with Gmail storage etc etc.

Copy Cloud Storage

Inspired by this week’s news that Google is unifying storage across its products, Barracuda Networks announced a bold new program increasing the amount of free cloud storage for its own Copy users from 5GB to 15GB. Copy is a new online file syncing, sharing and storage service built on the secure Barracuda Cloud.

The COPY cloud storage.. (wow. how much did they pay to get this domain.. :p)…

Sign up now and get another 5GB free to bring it up to 20GB. I also get 5GB free… 🙂
Sign up and install the app on your Mac/Windows 🙂

Copy Cloud Storage

Do it .. free things must take.. you never know what you might find use for it.. And of course, it does come with iPhone and iPad apps

Copy works across Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux computers and offers mobile device support for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android, with Windows Mobile coming soon.

I have Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive… etc etc.. I live on the cloud.. 🙂

Sign up at this link and install the apps (on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android)…


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