Upgrading Kodi on Amazon TV using Amazon FireTV Utility App

Kodi (the new name for XBMC, my favourite media software) is now on Kodi v15 (Isengard) version and as usual, I want to upgrade it in my favourite Amazon Fire TV.
And oh, did I mentioned that Amazon has just upgraded the Fire TV (for 4K experience !!)

Amazon is starting to sell this 2nd version of Fire TV. Cannot wait to get my hands on it soon too :)

I decided to upgrade my current version (version 14) to it as Version 14 (Isengard) should be pretty stable by now.

However, this time, instead of using the normal method of updating through the Amazon SDK method (see this pat notebook very popular link), I wanted to try out an utility app to do the upgrade as well as do some fanciful updates.

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Trouble in Synology land again. File System Errors.

Another day, another Synology issue :) I mean for my Synology server, that is..

But to be fair, this is a pretty old Synology DS1515+ already and has been well used. Every single day. Receiving tons of movies, TV serials and then playing them to multiple TV systems, Amazon TV players etc. Been a nice good friend for a while :)

Anyway, this time the issue is “File System Errors were discovered. We recommend running a file system check”.

Was alerted to it when I logged on to the Synology DSM (remotely at that). I do that regularly to check for updates and see if I have enough hard disk space (from the photo below, you can tell i am starting to run out of space again :p).

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iPhone 6S Plus Launch Day

25th September 2015.

iPhone 6S is launched today in Singapore (and many other countries)… I am so excited.

Managed to grab one during the Apple Store pre-order. This thing is huge. Compared to the iPhone 5S I had with me for a while.

Hope I can get used to it :)

Opening !

The usual suspects inside:

No Rose Gold for me.. Space Grey :)

Comparing iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S Plus

Hello World:

Despite its size, it still sits nicely on the old Twelve South iPhone Stand.. this thing has been with me for a while !

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The Shore Oceanarium Malacca

The Shore Oceanarium Malacca is where I visited during my most recent trip to Malacca. Not exactly a fan of such tourist attractions but surprisingly I enjoyed myself a lot.

It is at the same building where the Swiss Garden Hotel in Malacca are.

It is a very good place to bring your kids and I am very impressed by the quality of exhibits and the variety of sea creatures there. Only advice is I will give the 3D glasses a miss.. so so only. But other than that, worth every cent or ringgit :)

Web site : http://www.oceanariummelaka.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/oceanariummelaka

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RMA Amazon WD drives from Singapore

I buy hard disks from Amazon pretty often due to the free shipping to SG as well as the price difference between SG and USA Amazon. However, RMA is always going to be a challenge but so far, for Seagate it was not an issue. For the first time, I had to RMA a Western Digital NAS hard disk which as bought from USA Amazon. This was because of this issue described here.

I followed the guide at this link and it worked perfectly. Thought I would just copy and paste here but add in some photos :)

You need to create an account at WD Support Portal: http://support.wdc.com/warranty/

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