iPad Mini 4 Unboxing

Time for a new iPad. This time, I went with an iPad mini 4 so that it is easier to carry around and also easier to read in bed…

I do love my iPad Air and don’t think I will sell it. But it is also good for another purpose compared to iPad Mini 4.

After a day or two of use, I must admit I still not getting used to the smaller screen of iPad Mini 4 to do stuff such as reading Safari news, Facebook and emails. And oh how I hate the fact that the side button has been removed. In the iPad Air, the side button was great for fixing the screen orientation. Now it is gone :(

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Twelve South HiRise for Mac Mini

No, Twelve South (one of my favourite Mac products company) never released a product called “HiRise for Mac Mini”.

I have a few Twelve South products. Such as the HiRise for iPhone 5 (which I am still using with my iPhone 6S Plus today), or the SurfacePad for iPhone 5 (which I am no longer using) or the excellent Twelve South Book Arc for MacBook Pro (which I have just stopped using as I have replaced my MacBook Pro with a Mac Mini and which is still in excellent condition).

The thing is Twelve South releases products that fit a specific niche market for Apple Products.

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Mac Mini Arrives

After more than a year of deliberations and frankly speaking, waiting for the MacBook Pro to “die” (and it refused to, despite being almost six years old, it still runs well).

But I gave up and give in. Got myself a Mac Mini as nowadays, i don’t really take a laptop around.

Unboxing !!

And this thing is actually bigger (although thinner) than I thought and compared to my last Mac Mini :)

This is my configuration:

Hello World:

Minimal accessories. Only 1. The power cable.

Without the horrible thick power brick of the past. What a good change:

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Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

One year ago, I bought the Creative Sound Blaster Roar and after a year, it broke down :( There is no more warranty so no repair possible….

There is a 2nd generation and even a 3rd generation version of the Roar now but I got the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 as there was a good price for it. I got it through Creative Store as there was an exhibition discount.

So unboxing time and comparing it with the original Roar!

Love the way the accessories are.. plugs that can be used in many countries..

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Logitech Harmony Home Control

It is time for a new universal remote control. My old Sony universal remote control has served me really well but has broken down.

The Logitech Harmony Home Control works with iPhone app too and also supposedly (and very importantly, I guess) with Starhub HubStation. After testing, I confirm that it can work with Singapore Starhub Hubstation :)

Bought this from Amazon

Unboxing !

And opening it.. say hi to the Hub..

And the remote control itself looks nice !!

Looking forward to setting it up and testing it !!

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