Apple Music has launched

Apple Music has launched with the release iOS 8.4 …..

And I think it is brilliant for Asian music.

Nice interface and VERY GOOD selection of music for Mandopop and Cantopop.

Read this fast review at Chinese Album Art web site.

Apple Music and Mandopop and Cantopop

Apple Music on iPad:

Finally, a good competitor in Asian music against Spotify, which I never found to be good enough for Asian Music.

I am sure many will disagreed with me :)

ENJOY the 3 months trial first, okie…….

Overheating Synology DS1511

A while back, I wrote about my attempt to replace a 4TB hard disk in my DS1511+ with a 3TB Western Digital RED hard disk. If you followed that post, you will know that I removed a 4TB hard disk and then put it a 3TB hard disk into it so that I can use the 4TB hard disk in another Synology.

Well, it looks like it has caused some issues. Or perhaps it is NOT related ? Let me explain what happened. Perhaps you can give me some clues ?

A few days ago, my DS1511+ surprisingly just shut down on its own, in the middle of a file transfer. Not sure what happened so I tried to restart it. It started up okay, then was fine for a few minutes, then suddenly the fans went into full speed and a very short while later, the whole NAS just stopped. Not nice. Okie, not as bad as the featured image looks like :)

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Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Malacca

I stayed over at this hotel for a weekend. It is one of the newer hotels in Malacca and is not that close to the popular places like Jonker Street and other historical stuff. So be prepared to walk a bit or take a taxi. One thing great is that the hotel is actually part of a shopping complex cum residences (called the Shore) and the shopping complex has food and even an aquarium (which I will share photos next time). Pretty nice to just hang around the shopping centre too.

It was a school holiday weekend. It was very packed and traffic was really bad in Malacca. On Sunday night, magically, everything quiet down :) So do try NOT to go on a weekend if possible.

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Bose QC20i Noise Cancelling Earphones

The Bose QC20i Noise Cancelling earphones was something I wanted for a while. Mainly for those flights that I am taking a lot recently to India. So why this earphone and not the excellent Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones ? Actually after all these years, I really don’t like headphones. Find them too heavy (not matter how well designed) and too tight on me. Not to mention, don’t like to wear them walking around. Personal preference. What’s yours ? :)

Amazon ran a Father’s Day campaign recently and took USD50 off the listed price of USD299 which brings this earphone down to USD249. Cheaper (much cheaper) than a local pair.

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Capitol Satay Malacca 7 Years Later

I ate at the famous Capitol Satay 7 years ago (in 2008) and finally, after all these years, I made it back to Malacca. Things have not changed much. The same attractions but this time, we stayed at a nice new hotel called Swiss Garden Residence (will share about it next few blog posts).

But back to Capitol Satay. Food still as tasty as ever…. Queue still as long as ever… After eating, table still look as messy as ever…

Except…. Signboards have changed though :)


7 years ago.. in a slightly earlier part of the evening, where the queue was NOT so long :)

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