Sony Cybershot W810 Digital Camera

Got this affordable digital camera, Sony Cybershot W810, for my parents. They don’t need touch screen or other very deep functionalities. Just want shoot and capture. The sales man told me that it has a very good “Intelligent Auto” mode which is very capable of taking good photos even when your hands are shaking. Mmm.. sounds like it suits old people like my parents (and me :p).

Nice bag :)

Unboxing !

One thing that caught me out is the charging cable. It charges directly the camera through a weird looking Power Adopter -> USB -> Camera. As a result, there is a boxy kind of in between the two cables (power cable and usb cable). I guess this means that it can also be charged (and connected) to a PC. Also, as I am used to Canon standalone charger (which just charges the battery). Think of it, guess it is better than lagging along a standalone charger ?

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Twenty Fourteen Theme Full Page Width

Twenty Fourteen is the latest theme that Patnotebook is using. It is a nice theme (and responsive too !).

But strangely, for a modern theme, it does not seemed to use up all the space in a wide screen.


I could install a CSS editor plug in to WordPress or I can use the one that comes with WordPress Jetpack.

Either way, I made these code changes:

.site-header {
max-width: 100%;

.site-content .entry-header,
.site-content .entry-content,
.site-content .entry-summary,
.site-content .entry-meta, .page-content {
/* Original max-width: 474px */
max-width: 80%;

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Synology Remove a 4TB from a RAID

Thought I would share an experience recently about Synology that I have completed.

I have two different Synology. A DS1511+ and a DS1813+.

In my DS1511+, here’s the set up:

Disk 1 : 1x4TB (don’t ask me how it ended up there.. must be one of my Amazon purchase went wild and then wrong)
Disk 2 to Disk 5 : 4x3TB

In my DS1813+, here’s the set up:

Disk 1 to Disk 5 : 5x3TB as volume 1
Disk 6 to Disk 8 : 3x3TB as volume 2

I was running out of disk space in DS1813+ where the volume 2 is running out of space. So I would like to add two 4TB to it to expand it. That’s the lowest (cheapest) possible method to add 1TB more to that volume.

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Google Mobile Friendly and WordPress Robots.txt

Recently, there was a big “exciting” development in the webmaster and our ever loving SEO world.

For those who know it, it is known as Google Mobile Armageddon. Google is changing its search results to benefit sites that are mobile-friendly. If your site is not mobile-friendly (as deemed by the Google monster), then your search ranking will drop.

They have a page for testing whether your site is Mobile Friendly.

These have financial implications as even my Google Adsense apps warn me of it :)

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Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy wallets are designed to be slim and classy. I think they did this by the way they designed the pockets and common sense on how cards should fit into your wallet (e.g. do you really need a slot for each card, some of which you never ever used except in a long while). Also when you buy the wallet, there is actually a guide on the size and how many cards it should carry so in reality, you will also buy the “right” wallet for the number of cards you have..

I got the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet. Singapore 50 Dollar Notes fit nicely too in case you are wondering.
Free shipping to SG :)

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