The Shore Oceanarium Malacca

The Shore Oceanarium Malacca is where I visited during my most recent trip to Malacca. Not exactly a fan of such tourist attractions but surprisingly I enjoyed myself a lot.

It is at the same building where the Swiss Garden Hotel in Malacca are.

It is a very good place to bring your kids and I am very impressed by the quality of exhibits and the variety of sea creatures there. Only advice is I will give the 3D glasses a miss.. so so only. But other than that, worth every cent or ringgit :)

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RMA Amazon WD drives from Singapore

I buy hard disks from Amazon pretty often due to the free shipping to SG as well as the price difference between SG and USA Amazon. However, RMA is always going to be a challenge but so far, for Seagate it was not an issue. For the first time, I had to RMA a Western Digital NAS hard disk which as bought from USA Amazon. This was because of this issue described here.

I followed the guide at this link and it worked perfectly. Thought I would just copy and paste here but add in some photos :)

You need to create an account at WD Support Portal:

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Seattle Pike Street Chowder

After all these years, I finally had the chance to taste this. I am surprised I did not ate this on my first trip (or 2nd or 3rd or 4th or xxth trip to Seattle)…

The very famous Seattle Pike Street Chowder.

Located at Pike Street Market at downtown Seattle, it was an easy find to the shop.

But there is definitely a queue to get in. On a Sunday afternoon, the queue snaked all the way out of the shop into the lane and more… However, I love the orderly way in which the customers queue to get in and not rush to “chop” a seat even when they are not even at the head of the queue. How nice.. (well some people did thought it was appropriate to sit at empty tables while their friends queued but very quickly, discovered they are not to do so….thank god).

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Bellevue Farmers Market

During summer, Bellevue in Washington State (where Seattle is) holds Farmers’ Market at two locations. On Thursday, it is at Bellevue Presbyterian Church and on Saturdays, it is at Compass Plaza at 550 106th Ave NE – next to Barnes & Noble. The latter was much more convenient for me as I don’t drive in USA much and is near to my hotel :)

Managed to visit one during a Saturday morning there, this one being at Bellevue City area, where the wonderful Barnes and Noble are and very near to Westin Bellevue. Everything looks so fresh and the cherries are wonderful and so are the pies… WONDERFUL ! :)

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Apple Music has launched

Apple Music has launched with the release iOS 8.4 …..

And I think it is brilliant for Asian music.

Nice interface and VERY GOOD selection of music for Mandopop and Cantopop.

Read this fast review at Chinese Album Art web site.

Apple Music and Mandopop and Cantopop

Apple Music on iPad:

Finally, a good competitor in Asian music against Spotify, which I never found to be good enough for Asian Music.

I am sure many will disagreed with me :)

ENJOY the 3 months trial first, okie…….

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